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VideoAmigo, a YouTube marketing, and analytics platform specifically made for video creators, brands, and agencies for managing YouTube channels.

  • Creator Tools Suite
  • Brand & Agency Tools
  • VideoAmigo Marketplace


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Tons of tools for YouTube marketing
  • Good place for Creators to earn money
  • Affiliate Program available
  • 24/7 Support Chat


  • Little Overpriced. Should be more affordable,
  • Sometimes slow response from support due to a large number of requests.
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Don’t have a perfect strategy to manage your YouTube channel?

Curious to know your competitors what tactics they are using for growing their channels?

Want to grow your YouTube channel from zero?

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place as today we’re going to do VideoAmigo review which is probably the best platform with a bunch of tools for managing your YouTube channel.

So, if you’re looking for some tools to build and grow your YouTube channel, then VideoAmigo will be the best choice you’ll ever make.

As a newbie in the video marketing business, you would probably be wondering how to grow your YouTube account and how to get more views to boost your chances of being able to get your video viral.

Therefore, in this article, I am going to share with you some effective ways that I have used to build my own YouTube account to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Follow along and I will show you the best practices you can do to skyrocket your YouTube channel growth in no time.

So, stay with me and keep reading the entire VideoAmigo Review.

VideoAmigo Review


VideoAmigo, a YouTube marketing, and analytics platform specifically made for video creators, brands, and agencies for managing YouTube channels.

It gives a ton of different tools like YouTube Creator, Brand, and Agency, Influencer Marketing, Lists, Rankings and Research, etc. VideoAmigo is the best tool for sure to grow a YouTube channel to get more cash-flow.

It is founded by Alison Provost (Owner of VideoAmigo, Touchstorm, and Howdini) in 2015 with an aim of helping Youtubers to succeed in video marketing.

It is the technology side of Touchstorm, which specializes in brand content and marketing on YouTube, and the force behind many successful brand channels for over a decade. Their differentiation is powered by deep classification and indexing, allowing them to see into organic content, topics, influencer, and audience trends with far greater detail than many other public-facing tools.

In this Review, we’ll look at the best possibly known tool, VideoAmigo – that will help you in managing your YouTube channel and will grow it in no time.

Following is the short overview of the VideoAmigo Review that you might need to know.

VideoAmigo Details

  • Company Name: VideoAmigo
  • Founder & CEO: Alison Provost
  • Founded In: 2015
  • Tools Provided: YouTube Creator, Brand, and Agency, Influencer Marketing, Lists, Rankings and Research, etc.
  • Payment Methods: Stripe is their current creator payment method. For Brands, they accept major credit cards as well as an invoicing option.
  • Affiliate Program: They allow general creators to earn 1% of each sale completed via referral and preferred partners to earn 5%.
  • Support Email: [email protected]
  • Phone #: 1-877-794-6101
  • Website:

Why Choosing VideoAmigo Worth it?

YouTube is the most visited website on the web today. It is constantly ranked number one for searches related to a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, politics, business, health and technology, and entertainment among others.

It is home to hundreds of millions of users who visit the site every day to search for new videos. A great majority of these viewers are avid Internet marketers and online advertisers. Because of this, YouTube has made it their mission to offer all of its visitors with YouTube creator tools. These tools make it possible for you to easily create, upload, and share your own video content and videos to all the members of the world who use the Internet.

But the majority of the people especially newbies end up being failed as they don’t have proper strategy or tools to get started with YouTube.

To overcome this issue, the owners at Touchstorm, a technology-enabled services company, introduced a new platform – VideoAmigo, that manages your YouTube channel like a charm and helps you grow it rapidly.

But what makes it worthy to choose over different other tools like TubeBuddy, Mention, VidlQ, Social Blade, etc.?

Well, VideoAmigo is all you need to start growing your YouTube channel as it has almost every tool that is essential for your channel growth.

It has a complete set of tools such as YouTube Creator, Brand, and Agency, Influencer Marketing, Lists, Rankings and Research, etc. which others lack in providing.

It’s not over yet! From the last four years, part of their effort has been building a platform dedicated to authentic creator reviews of products and services offered by brands.

With literally thousands of hours of work and a few million dollars behind it, the result is their phase 1 release of “Review Marketplace”, which allows brands to search verified creator content hosted on YouTube, and license selects from that content for use in their own marketing efforts which is literally the best ever feature to consider.

Let’s have a look at VideoAmigo features in a little detail for a better understanding.

VideoAmigo Features

Apart from other platforms, VideoAmigo has a complete set of marketing tools. Some of the highly known features are as follows:

YouTube Creator Tools

YouTube Creator Tools

One of the best features VideoAmigo provides its users is the YouTube creator tools suite that is all you need to grow your YouTube channel rapidly.

The creator tools suite has the complete solution for Youtubers with the best functionalities such as Dashboard (For summarizing your standings, Alerts to tell you what to fix and what to celebrate), Analysis & Insights (Analyze your competitor and get the best advice to improve your videos), Video Springboard (Set of sequential steps that helps in preparing a video for upload), Channel Work (Set of different tools for automating repetitive tasks), Creativity Studio (Great tool for mind mapping to generate new ideas for content), etc.

Brand & Agency Tools

VideoAmigo Brand Tools

VideoAmigo provides an amazing opportunity for brands to grow and compete on YouTube for which they have specially made brand and agency tools.

To unlock your branding marketing potential on YouTube, VideoAmigo provides you the following tools:

  • Analytics & Reporting (Insightful data to win on YouTube)
  • Paid Media Tools (Buy YouTube Ads with contextual precision)
  • Organic Growth Tools (Tools to help you grow your organic traffic)
  • E-Commerce Tools (For Increasing Click through & Sales)

Influencer Tools

VideoAmigo Influencer Tools

This is quite an amazing feature of VideoAmigo that lets brands to sell their products and Creators to make money. There are basically two marketplaces, Review Marketplace & Influencer Marketplace for brands and creators respectively.

Using the Review Marketplace, brands can buy review videos for advertising, social, and e-commerce, and YouTube creators can sell reviews.

When a brand purchases a video on Review Marketplace, VideoAmigo handles the whole transaction, providing a standard 60% of the fee directly to the creator’s account. Every creator has their own dashboard, allowing them to see the content, transactions, and payments associated with their account.  Payment is made to creators within 48 hours of the delivery of assets to the Brand.

Influencer Marketplace allows brands to place ads and shop for influencers from where creators can earn money by getting hired.

Lists, Rankings & Research

VideoAmigo Listing Tools

Want to get insights for any YouTube creator channel or brand in Vital Stats?

If yes, then VideoAmigo has got you covered as it allows you to have an in-depth analysis of any YouTube channel you’d like to.

With this amazing tool, you can discover the Top Youtubers, Top Videos on YouTube, Music Charts, Categories Rankings, Research Blog, etc.

VideoAmigo Pricing & Details

Creator videos are priced standard at $599 (but they can set any fee they want per video). However, if we look at the brands who purchase packages, the price for just one video is (e.g. $599) and it goes up to $15,000.

Stripe is the creator payment method. For Brands, they accept major credit cards as well as an invoicing option.

VideoAmigo Affiliate Program

VideoAmigo allows creators to earn even more from its affiliate program that allows general creators to earn 1% of each sale completed via referral and preferred partners to earn 5%.

To get your affiliate code, you can request at [email protected] and the team will provide you with a unique link to get started.

Do I Recommend VideoAmigo?

Yes, there is no doubt that VideoAmigo is the best tool for YouTube channel growth after considering all the facts discussed in this VideoAmigo review.

It is the best platform for those people who want to grow their newly created channels or brands with less or no efforts at all. VideoAmigo has one of the best features that no other tool has ever provided which is the reason people prefer VideoAmigo over tools like TubeBuddy, Mention, VidlQ, Social Blade, etc.

Therefore, In the light of my experiences, I’ll definitely recommend this platform to everyone who is looking to grow their channels or brands to get leads and sales.

So, if you’ve been searching for the best YouTube marketing tool, then VideoAmigo will be the best ever choice you’ll make as it has been functioning since 2015.

Do you still have any doubts about choosing VideoAmigo? Go check out VideoAmigo reviews from other people who have already experienced this platform.

At, we aim to provide honest reviews to our users to help them choose the platform.

Any queries related to VideoAmigo review or if you’re already experienced with this tool, give your review out of 5 stars or let me know in the comments.


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