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ZONG became the first to test out 5G in Pakistan

Pakistan's leading telecommunication network in the South East Asia

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After the successful campaign and implementation of the 4G network, the Chinese company made Pakistan first country to successfully test 5G service in the region. Zong remains a top leading telecom company in the country and unbeaten by any of its rivals.

Throwback to Zong Company Chairman Liu Dianfeng said, “Our teams are working very hard not only to bring new technology to the Pakistani people but also the applications and end-to-end solutions to enhance the quality of life for the local people.

Now on 22 August, the owner fulfilled his promise by successfully conducting the 5G test in the country. He said “This success marks an important milestone in Pakistan’s telecom sector,” said Zong CEO Wang Hua.

The Government of Pakistan fully supported and approved the 5G test initiated by Zong in the specific region.

Mr. Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui, Secretary Information Technology and Telecommunication said in the event, “Zong has been at the forefront of pushing the digital agenda forward in the country“.

I would like to take this moment in congratulating Zong for becoming the first Pakistani telecommunications operator to have successfully conducted the 5G trial and putting Pakistan on a short-list of countries which are 5G ready,” he said.

Zong is an important part of the ties that bind the two countries together,” Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui.

Pioneering 4G in Pakistan, the company has continued to uplift the telecommunication infrastructure across the country.”

The officials claim that their 5G technology will enable internet speed up to 1Gbps +.

In an event, Zong also highlighted the facts and figures and briefed the government’s representatives about the new technological future.

Furthermore, in the event, the officials ensured that soon 5G will be available for commercial purposes.

The Zong 5G aims to add there remarkable contributions to the country’s economy and progress with their commitment to the nation.

“A NEW DREAM” as the company slogans says it all, converting new dreams to reality with the capability and tireless efforts to ensure their customer satisfaction.

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