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It’s Never Too Early to Check Out These Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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Some people love Christmas so much they cannot even wait for Halloween to be over to start putting up their Christmas Decorations. We all know someone like this, or you may be someone like this. If you cannot wait for Christmas you will enjoy shopping for Christmas apparel early, but even if you still believe there is a holiday called Thanksgiving, these ugly Christmas sweaters are so funny you will want to buy them all.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Are So Funny They Could Make Scrooge Jolly

The best part of the holiday season is all of the great ugly holiday apparel that has become so popular over the past few years. When the trend started you could only find ugly Christmas sweaters but now you can find them themed for every winter holiday imaginable. Here are just a few that will have you craking up…

  • “Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal”

This classic line that most of us remember for Home Alone is always a hit and looks great when it is plastered on the front of a sweater.

  • Happy Challah Days

This ugly Haunkha Sweater is a great Jewish pun. Challah is a bread famously served at almost every Jewish holiday.

  • I Put Out For Santa

This sweater text will have everyone who reads it snickering. While the sweater does have a pic of cookies and milk on it the text is still hilarious.

  • Schweddy Balls

A holiday throwback to SNL is always a hit. Anyone who remembers this classic sketch will have to own this sweater.

  • Happy Festivus for the Rest of Us

If you do not adhere to any strict religious code this may be the perfect holiday attire for you. Seinfeld fans will have to own this one.

  • Ho Cubed

Every math and science nerd will love this shirt. When you just don’t have time to say all the ho’s there is ho cubed.

  • I Like Big Bulbs

This is a great choice for lovers of puns and classic hip hop alike. This sweater is covered in large Christmas bulbs and will make for a great conversation starter.

  • Jolly AF

This is a great choice if you are worried that your family and friends will just not quite understand how jolly you are and it is important that they know that you are Jolly AF.

  • Merry Krampus

This is a great holiday sweater for the person who loves Halloween and all things scary. They will no doubt know the legend of Krampus and be a fan!

  • Have You Seen My Yule Log?

This ugly Christmas sweater features Santa laying seductively in a red open robe. This will no doubt get you lots of looks at any corporate Christmas party.

  • All-Inclusive Holiday Shirt

This sweater is a great choice when you want to make sure that you are not leaving anyone out. This sweater is sure to always get a few laughs.

  • It’s Not Gonna Lick Itself

This is the perfect ugly Christmas sweater to confuse your grandmother. This will lead to someone uncomfortable having to explain. The sweater simply has a large Candycane on it.

  • Merry Drunk I’m Christmas

This is the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for the individual that loves to partake in the open bar at the holiday company party.

The Perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater Does Exist

You need to start shopping now so that you can find the perfect ugly Christmas sweater to wear to all your holiday functions. You can choose to go with a throwback to a show or movie, a good clean pun, or risk it all with a more controversial choice. No matter which one you choose you will not be disappointed.

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