Digitalization has revolutionized the world. Nowadays social media has influenced millions of people. Almost no one is seen as unfamiliar with it. Meanwhile, on one hand, it had negative aspects but the way it positively influenced people is miraculous. People are seen making millions through various social media platforms. It is common to post everything on social media for “followers and engagement”. Most of the time Instagram posts face negative criticism because of “bad lightening”.

You may need to get a new camera for your smartphone if it can’t take good selfies. Ring lights can take pictures and video excellently by having the ability to adjust the lighting and the overall appearance.

One of the most breathtaking inventions of the 21st century is a 360 photo booth or to your convenience, you may call it the 360 video booth because it captures both.

What is a 360 Photo Booth?

360 photo booths use a set of cameras that are installed to create 360-degree, high-resolution images. These images are captured at a rate of 120 frames per second. This specific system allows the user to step onto a rotating platform which is attached to a camera that captures slow-motion videos in 360-degree rotations when the user steps onto the platform. Capturing content is an innovative and creative marketing tool one can use to build a brand experience for live events or build content specifically for a brand.

What’s the appeal?

The 360 photo booth this year is the talking point at the top events. The photo booth experience multiplies the joy of capturing your special moments.


Rents and leases can be arranged as long as you intend to purchase a 360 photo booth. If you want the setup to be done regularly at your wedding, you can go ahead and use it every week.

Great Shots

360-degree photo booths capture objects and people in all their glory from all sides, instead of only taking one dimension. Rather than only capturing one dimension of an object, 360-degree photo booths capture the full glory of objects and people from all sides. It is now possible to remember the event in an exact way with these lifelike photographs.

Easily accessible

360-degree video booths are an excellent way to get the full experience. The setup and operation are simple, and training is minimal. Additionally, you or your staff won’t have to guide your guests through the booth, as it can be used independently. After the event, you can share your fams and family’s photos on social media but make sure if you want to share the photos EXIF as well since it contains all your information such as time. date, location, and camera details from which it is captured.

Why Spinpod? 

A good 360 photo booth seller may be hard to find or maybe you want to rent a 360 video booth but a trustable company is hard to find. In the midst of the chaos of finding a good 360 photo booth seller, we have SpinPod 360 to the rescue. But            

Spinpod 360 is the most trustable site from where you can book.

It promises reliability and ease of access to the customer as it claims to provide an “advanced and fun 360° photo booth experience.” They elevate your experience using a photo booth without limiting the type of event. Whether it is a wedding, gender reveals a birthday party, or a business event, spin pod 360 is there to save your day and make it the most memorable day of your entire life.

Is Spinpod360 Sydney’s best 360 Photo Booth?

I know I know you have another question. Why Spinpod360 is best in Sydney? Let me tell you that as well. Spinpod 360 doesn’t just drop their photobooth off at your place and leave without a clue, they provide an attendee. While you are enjoying your party, SpinPod’s attendees will be there to entertain your guests with the 360 video booth. You do not have to limit your enjoyment.

Not only entertaining the guests, but you can also do branding for your item by using SpinPod’s photo booth. Regardless of whether you are inside or outside, the application will make an impact. You are all light, camera, and action from the moment you get on the SpinPod. Your loved ones and guests can be amazed if you ask them how you can impress them.                        

Thanks to the latest advancements in photography technology, the company’s mission is to provide a unique and personal photo booth experience for our customers. You can accomplish much more than you might think by using tools such as interactive- and social media-based tools offered by SpinPod.                                                                                                                                      


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