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SafelinkU Review : Is it a Legit URL Shortener to Earn Money?

Find the answers in the detailed SafelinkU Review.

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So you’re looking for the SafeLinkU Review? Right?

Of course! Everyone does before going for a URL shortener amongst the best URL shorteners in the market.

Therefore, In this article, we’ll review the SafelinkU site thoroughly to help you make the right decision.

SafelinkU is a platform that provides URL Shortening service to help you earn decent money simply by shortening the links and in return, the publisher gets a reward by advertising.

The history of SafelinkU stretches back to November 16, 2016, in Indonesia. Its main office is based in Pameungpeuk District, in west Java Bandung, Indonesia 40376. The previous name of SafeLinkU was IDSLY but as to make it a global service that is available for all the countries so the company changed its name to “Safe Link You” which means that the link converted is safe for use and the ads published will not harm any of the user data.

Talking about the features or tools that are used by SafeLinkU provides are Quicklink, Full page Script, and Mass shrinker. Giving a complete pack of tools that are owned by this company. SafeLinkU has created a great marketplace in the digital world.

How SafelinkU Works?

SafelinkU also works the same as other URL shorteners used to be. Simply you need to shorten the long URLs and share it with your audience. Whenever your audience clicks on the shorted link, he/she will be redirected to some website where he/she needs to see an ad for few seconds, soon after that, a skip button would appear probably at the right top corner of the website where he/she will click on it and lands on the long URL’s which you have shorted earlier.

Therefore, using this method, you can generate some massive revenue by sharing short links that you created earlier on your website.

Why it is fun to use SafelinkU?

Well, most of the people find fun using SafeLinkU as it fills up the publisher’s pocket in less time. Providing high enough rates on publishing ads and you are nor even bound to use captcha. Other than captcha we are having other methods to keep the website secure from BOT users as Bots can be very harmful to any party either its publisher or advertiser, therefore, SafeLinkU makes sure you keep your website protected. If they find you using Bot, the company will directly block your account and will ban you for the lifetime. The money you have earned from that account would also be lost if your account gets banned.

SafeLinkU has made thousand of users currently and is growing day by day as people are loving this network because of its highest-paying rates.

Why Choose SafelinkU?

Well, now the question arises that why should you choose SafelinkU over other Link shorteners in the online market. So, the answer is that there many different features that will help you in choosing SafeLinkU as your earning partner. Below mentioned are some of the features of SafeLinkU:

  1. High CPM Rates

Looking out for the rates we always wonder from the platform we are working with. Therefore, SafeLinkU is the platform that offers the best CPM rates. You can earn up to $10 per thousand views which is quite a decent amount to start being a beginner.

  1. Simplifying Tools

SafeLinkU provides you some of the best built-in tools that help in simplifying like full page script websites, mass shrinker, and quick link. With these tools, you can get many advantages for shortening URL.

  1. Referral Program

As all the company asks its user to refer to friends and get something as a reward, the same goes for SafeLinkU. With SafeLinkU, you can get commission up to 10% once you refer it to your friends or family or any other. So, invite your friends to SafeLinkU and get earn double and help your friends to start earning as well.

  1. Easy to Skip

Once the people click on your link created with SafeLinkU, then an ad will appear in front of your visitor and if they are not interested in the ad, they can easily skip it as well. The company ensures to secure the visitor from any kind of malicious activity if any of the visitors click on the URL link.

  1. Minimum Payout

When using these kinds of websites, the only problem arises is that what is the minimum threshold to withdraw money? Therefore, talking about SafelinkU, you can withdraw your money when your threshold will reach at least $5.

Yes! You heard it right! The withdrawal is quite simple and easy. You can get your money in hand once you reach the threshold of $5.

  1. 24/7 Support

SafeLinkU says that they provide 24/7 customer care support to its users. The team is highly dedicated to working and you can get your problem solved in a short interval of time.

SafelinkU Payment Methods

SafelinkU provides a bunch of payment methods through which you can easily withdraw your money which is as simple as you can ever imagine. Following are some of the major platforms that are connected with SafeLinkU to get payments in hands:

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer (Indonesia)
  • Dana (Indonesia)
  • Ovo (Indonesia)
  • GoPay (Indonesia)

Remember, you must have at least $5 to withdraw your money from the above payment methods.

Should I Recommend SafelinkU?

Well, the answer would be clearly Yes!

To be honest, Apart from other URL Shorteners, SafelinkU Isn’t that much popular as others are but one thing I must say that it is one of the highly trusted network that pays you on time. You can check SafelinkU Review from other websites too and all have positive feedback about this network.

SafelinkU is a rare kind of URL shortener that works for the beneficiary of its customers and publishers. Whatsoever your domain is, they’ll have some great plans for you.

So what are you waiting for?  Get connected with SafeLinkU and start your journey today. 

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