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JazzCash and Payoneer Unites to support Pakistani Freelancers

Great initiative taken by JazzCash to help users easily withdraw their Payoneer funds.

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After the latest release of the JazzCash app, a new feature has been introduced by JazzCash to fully support Payoneer – a multinational company to help their users withdraw their Payoneer Funds directly in their JazzCash account.

Payoneer is considered as an old global payment service founded in 2005 with $2 million. Gradually it progressed and funding was raised to $234 by the end of 2016. its capital service was being expanded in mid-2019.

Payoneer has its global reach in various countries. Payoneer made its roots in Southeast Asia, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Britain, Pakistan, China, Ukraine, and India.

What Payoneer is for?

Payoneer will allow you to receive money from European and U.S countries with fewer transaction fees and more savings.

Payoneer allows the user to sign up for free and provide a bonus for $25 on the transaction of $1000.

JazzCash Mobile Wallet

Jazz cash is also known as Mobi cash and is basically a mobile wallet founded back in 2012 in partnership with Mobilink.

It allows the user to deposit cash, withdraw cash and registration of mobile accounts.

JazzCash and Payoneer Team Up

In the recent collaboration of JazzCash and Payoneer, Payoneer has now become the global payment supporter for freelancers that is a good addition to the system.

You can simply withdraw your Payoneer funds to your JazzCash mobile account. You just need to download a jazz cash application and connect your account with jazz cash by directly signing in.

Get your funds with a 2% withdraw fee within 2 to 5 minutes along with an excellent conversion rate. Now you don’t have to wait for transferring funds into local bank accounts.

Advantages of Using JazzCash

  • You don’t need to go to the bank to open a new account and link it with Payoneer instead what you have to do is to go to Jazz cash merchant, open an account for free and link it to Payoneer.
  • It also made easy the old process of creating a new Payoneer account. As previously people have to attach a local bank account in order to create a Payoneer account.
  • You can ask a jazz cash merchant to make a jazz cash credit card which can be used as an ATM to withdraw money.
  • Last but not the least, if you face any problem regarding the Payoneer account which disables you to withdraw to your bank it might be a bug but you can actually withdraw from the limited account of Payoneer as well even if it demands documents of validation proof.

Its really good news for Pakistani Freelancers who earn money online and withdraw cash through various methods but now you don’t have to hustle anymore. Simply you need to visit JazzCash merchant, open a JazzCash account and that’s all you need.

Now download the JazzCash app (available on both Android and iOS) and link it to Payoneer.

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