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Image to Cartoon is an AI based tool that allows people to convert their images to cartoons online for free. Convert your photos into avatars, cartoons, animes, emojis, etc. with few clicks.

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Converting images into cartoons has become a global trend. People are eager to turn images into cartoons and use them as profile pictures for fun. Some people use Photoshop to animate their pictures but most people aren’t familiar with Photoshop. So people go as far as to hire professional Photoshop editors just to convert their pictures to cartoons and let me tell you; it is expensive.

However, if you want to convert your images into cartoons but do not want to spend money, then you have come to the right place. I am about to introduce the Best Free Image to Cartoon Converter that will help you save both time and money. Image to Cartoon is an online image to cartoon converter that converts images to high-quality cartoons, avatars, emojis, animes, etc within seconds. 

It also offers a wide range of free tools and features that can be used to personalize the cartoon image so you can channel your creativity too. In addition, this tool also strictly protects your privacy and does not save any Pictures. Image to Cartoon is user-friendly too and can be used by people who aren’t even tech-savvy to easily convert the photo to cartoon. Read on to know more about this tool.

Image to Cartoon Review 2022

Image to Cartoon

Image to Cartoon converter is an AI integrated free tool that allows people to convert their images to cartoons online for free. You can use this tool to convert your photos into avatars, cartoons, animes, emojis, etc. Plus this tool features an extensive range of features and tools that will help you customize your cartoon images. So you can animate your images as well as choose from a variety of backgrounds and cartoon styles. 

It also offers 24/7 support and the support team of this tool is polite and professional. Moreover, Image to Cartoon Converter does not save the pictures of the people and neither does it share them with third parties. Most importantly, it is very easy to use. You just need to drag and drop images to see results without even clicking anything. 

Hence you don’t need to pay someone to animate your images anymore as this modern online Image to Cartoon Converter can animate your images in 5 seconds or less.

Key Features of Image to Cartoon Converter

Image to Cartoon Converter comes loaded with amazing features that are;

image to cartoon features

100% Animation

Image to Cartoon cartoonizes your face 100%. The AI integrated tool analyzes the features of your face immediately and produces several cartoon avatars. Each Avatar and Emoji has a different Cartoon style and background to cater to different preferences. You can preview each avatar and download it if you like it.

face to avatar converter

Advanced AI Technology

There is no need for complex Photoshop work because this tool makes use of the latest AI technology to animate the faces. You would need to just sit back and relax while the AI technology creates multiple cartoon-style avatars for you to choose from. The AI technology sets it apart from other Image to Cartoon converter tools.

Variety of Cartoon Styles

There are tons of cartoon styles and everyone prefers a different one. That is why the Image to Cartoon converter produces various cartoon styles with unique backgrounds. Plus you can also create funny emojis and animes along with avatars so the possibilities are endless. Experiment and create fun cartoons to share with your friends.

Image to Emoji

Privacy and Security

Image to Cartoon Converter does not save any pictures and protects the privacy of the people who use it. In fact, all the pictures are cleared from its database within 3 hours. It also does not share your data or images with third parties. You can use this tool confidently without worrying about privacy breaches.

24/7 Support

A dedicated team is available 24/7 to resolve any issues you may face. The professionals are trained to answer queries related to Image to Converter properly. They are also known to reply fast so feel free to reach out to them if you ever need help. 


Image to Cartoon Converter was created to make it easy for people to animate their faces and that is why it is user-friendly. Anyone can use it to create their cartoons within 5 seconds.

No payment or Account

You don’t need to pay a dime to use this Image to Cartoon online tool. Also, there is no premium version which means you can use the complete features of this tool for free. Besides this, there is no need to sign up or create an account to use this tool. You just need to go to its site and start dropping pictures to use it.

How to Convert an Image to Cartoon?

How to convert image to cartoon

To convert an image to Cartoon, just click here and go to the “Upload an Image” option. You can upload an image or simply drag and drop a picture here to convert the image to a cartoon within 5 seconds. There are no complex steps or signing-up procedures. After converting the image to Cartoon, choose your preferred style/avatar and download it to your computer.

The downside of Image to Cartoon Converter

Well, the only downside of Image to Cartoon Converter is that you can only convert one image to a cartoon at one time. There is no option to bulk convert images so you can’t upload multiple images and expect this tool to animate them. 

Conclusion: Is It Worth It using?

Yes, Image to Cartoon Converter is definitely worth it. You will save money and time if you use this tool to convert photos to cartoons. I have used it personally to animate my pictures and I am very satisfied with the results. Besides this, using this tool is so easy to use that even an old school mom can utilize it to convert her photo to an image.

This is a premium Image to Cartoon converter that is available for free without any restrictions for a limited time. However, from time to time, they’ll surely have paid plans. If you don’t believe me, you can use this tool here and see the results yourself. 

If you’ve still got any doubts about choosing the image to cartoon software, go check out other imagetocartoon reviews from people who have already experienced this tool and find out what they are saying.

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