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9 Best Ideas For Writing Website Content

Top Content Writing Tips and techniques for effective writing.

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When optimizing a site for search engines, a lot of attention should be paid to the content posted on the pages of a website. With the right approach, each new article is a set of keys that will help you access your site through search engines. But if you don’t have such skills in writing content for your website, you can use content writing tools to begin with it.

The more unique the text on the pages, the greater the likelihood that your resource will be higher than the others in the search results for the key phrases of the content. Unique content is appreciated not only by search engines but also by users who visit your site.

The position of the site in the sickle on low-frequency and some mid-frequency queries, the number of subscribers to your feed, the popularity and citation of the material, and the site as a whole will depend on the content. Also, unique content provides several other benefits.

However, at times, it can be difficult to find ideas for content writing. This article provides various content writing ideas that may help you maintain the vitality of your resource and increase its popularity, both among users and among search engines.

Ideas for Content Writing
Content Writing Ideas

Top 9 Content Writing Ideas in 2020

Following is the list of best ideas for content writing that you must apply while writing content for your website.

  • Writing Documentation
  • News Publishing
  • Legal Copy-paste
  • Content Import
  • Monitoring responses to mail (Google, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Rewrite Articles
  • Blogging
  • Tracking trends in different communities
  • Collection of Information
  1. Writing Documentation

If you are good at something and can write detailed documentation about this, then this is a great way to attract the desired audience to the site. Documentation can be as usual answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), a manual for use, as well as a detailed description of the devices with tabular parameters.

For example, if you have a website about bicycles, then it is appropriate to post articles on how to clean the chain, change the camera and tires, unscrew the carriage, and so on. If the site is about photographic equipment, then it will be useful to post information on the characteristics of a particular model, comparative data on models, instructions for caring for optics, etc.

People who visit your site and read useful information will subscribe to the newsletter and recommend your site to their friends and acquaintances.

  1. News Publishing

Monitoring and publishing news on the subject of your site is a great way to maintain user interest in the material and the site as a whole. When maintaining a corporate website, it is appropriate to post the news of your company, set and achieved goals, information about events, the release of a new product, etc.

Even though over time the news becomes outdated and ceases to be relevant, they play a big role at the time of relevance. In addition to the usual search in search engines, there is also a search for news and blogs, which means the possibility of attracting an additional audience to your resource through news content.

  1. Legal Copy-paste

If you think that the material on a third-party resource is suitable for you on the topic and it will be appropriate to place it on your site, then, firstly, you need to make sure that the owner or author of the content is not against posting his works on your resource, and secondly, be sure to refer to the source in the article.

In this case, users will be glad to see you for useful material and for the link by which they may find additional information on a topic of interest. Relevant links are also appreciated by search engines.

  1. Content Import

On the foreign Internet, or the so-called bourgeois, there is already a lot of useful material on various topics. A lot of this material is not presented in RuNet and you have the opportunity to be the first representative or translator of useful content. Many optimizers are involved in importing, as this is a good and easy way to get unique content.

  1. Monitoring responses to mail (Google, Yahoo, etc.)

Google answers, Yahoo answers in bourgeois, and answers in RuNet are a good source of ideas for writing content on the site. Copywriting of material on answers to social services will be relevant and, accordingly, can attract a large number of audience to your site.

  1. Rewrite articles

Rewriting articles are counted in one of the best content writing ideas to rewrite the finished articles. Rewrite involves both redirecting the dominant text, changing the form without changing the meaning, and diluting the content with the necessary key phrases by which you want to be found.

When rating, as well as in copy-paste, the question of legality and ethics arises. In order not to cross the boundaries of ethics, be sure to refer to the source of your ideas.

  1. Blogging

Another of the methods of modern content acquisition – blogging – writing articles about what is happening around you or your company. Modern optimizers are quite familiar with this area and search engines even had to introduce additional search services for blogs or diary entries.

  1. Tracking trends in different communities

To be constantly up to date with what users of your topic need, it means to be able to write popular and necessary content. This has also proven to be the best idea to write content efficiently. To do this, you need to visit and actively participate in thematic forums, Digg-like sites, guest books, and other social communities where subjects of the necessary subjects are discussed.

To be able to join the stream at the right time in the right place is a necessary condition for successfully increasing the popularity of your site without attracting the resources of advertising campaigns.

  1. Collection of Information

The next way to get good content is to collect information from various online and offline sources. This has been the most common way in content writing ideas because the majority of the bloggers take ideas from the websites and then forms a unique content. This can be an interview with a professional in your area, or a regular selection of material, or the collection of information from magazines, newspapers, books, the publication of offline conferences, presentations, speeches, etc.


Summarizing the foregoing, we note that there are a lot of ideas for content writing sites and they all have their peculiarity. The use of any writing methods depends primarily on the direction and type of site. The best way to fill the site with content is to let users do it for you: commenting, questions and answers, discussions (forum), ratings, and so on. But this method is more applicable for social services, and if we talk about non-social resources, then other methods should be used.

Content writing has always been the best skill to make money online by doing freelancing on various platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, etc, So, do must follow these guidelines and apply them while writing content for yourself or for clients.

If you have your ideas or approach to writing content and you use it successfully, share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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