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Missing Ice Cream, But Don’t Eat Dairy? We’ve Got You Covered

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When switching to a healthier diet, or cutting down on the dairy products you consume, and you find yourself missing the taste of ice cream, food science has developed something just for you that is available literally whenever you need it, and is literally just a few clicks away.

Ice cream alternatives are readily available all over the place when you need to settle your ice cream cravings in a rush. In this guide, we will be breaking down the top 5 ice cream brands that serve dairy-free ice cream that could be the perfect choice for you.

Snow Monkey

This brand provides multiple dairy-free options that are perfect for you if you are trying to change your diet or cut down on your dairy consumption. Snow monkey provides plant-based ice cream in multiple flavors and fruit-based ice cream as well. The flavors available under this brand are Acai Berry, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint Chip, Strawberry, Mint Cinnamon, and even Matcha Green Tea. As you may notice, each flavor of ice cream is carefully crafted to fit different types of preferences that any consumer may have. Snow Monkey is available online and can be delivered straight to your door with just a few clicks!


Naturli, produced and based out of  Denmark, has six unique flavors to keep you entertained, flavors like Hazelnut, Salty Caramel with Roasted almonds, Liquorice Sweet Bites, Raspberry, Chocolate, Strawberry Swirl, and even Cocoa Orange  This dairy-free option has coconut and oats as its base to ensure you that it is completely dairy-free. Certain flavors from Naturli come with mixed fruits and berries mixed in with the ice cream to add a special little flavor booster in each bite while keeping it all-natural and healthy at the same time.


Established in 2005, Nadamoo is a dairy-free ice cream brand coming out of Austin, Texas. They provide 16 flavors that can match any ice cream based on flavor, texture, and overall experience while eating it.  Each flavor of ice cream uses coconut milk as its base keeping a creamy and soft texture for every scoop. It contains no cholesterol and only a healthy type of fat. Some of its top-selling flavors are Mint Chip, Vanilla Bean, Caramel Cold Brew and Cookies, Cookie dough fudge, Pistachio nut, Peach Cobler, Maple pecan, and even Banana Caramel Crunch.


Hudsonville has finally decided to come out with a vegan-friendly option for their ice creams. They currently only have seven flavor options for this line of dairy-free options, but rest assured that you are not sacrificing any flavor, and texture, or any taste by going with this brand because they have made sure to replicate the profiles of traditional ice cream in all aspects except the dairy. By using plant alternatives and all-natural ingredients, Hudsonville has made sure to craft each flavor carefully and mimic all the most important traits of traditional ice cream for you.

Arctic Zero

Arctic Zero vegan ice cream is not just dairy-free but is also focused on keeping your calorie levels down. The base of all their ice cream consists of non-GMO ingredients and is assured to be very healthy. Each pint of Arctic Zero can range from 160cal to 320 cal depending on the flavor and the size that you select.

Currently, they are serving flavors like Salted Caramel, Cookie Dough Chunk, Brownie Blast, Cherry Chocolate Chunk, Peanut butter, Hint of Mint, Cake Batter, and even Cookie shake

So there you are, after going through this list, you should be ready to try each and every ice cream substitute. One of these suggestions is bound to be the perfect fit for your cravings for traditional ice cream.

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