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iAmAffiliate is one of the best places for affiliates to learn affiliate marketing. With it, you can access guides, walkthroughs, directories (often with nice bonuses attached), and most importantly, you are connected to affiliates who can help answer your questions.

  • Engagement/Support
  • Pricing
  • Instructors


  • Expert Opinions from Instructors
  • Cooperative community
  • Case studies with 6 and 7 figures
  • Direct marketing opportunities
  • Feedback on-the-fly
  • Newbie Tutorials for all traffic sources


  • For novices, a bit expensive
  • Considerably new
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Do you want to make a living from affiliate marketing by learning from the finest affiliate marketers in the world?

Want to be successful in the affiliate world by learning step by step?

Or looking for some seven-figure case studies or tips to help you get started in your affiliate marketing career?

If yes, then you have surely landed at the right place.

This review will cover the iAmAffiliate marketing forum that offers a wealth of high-quality information as well as a supportive community to assist you in getting started in the affiliate marketing industry.

The fact that I am an affiliate marketer that is dedicated to running successful affiliate programs is absolutely worth mentioning. Advertisers and publishers alike reap the financial rewards and enjoy record-breaking profits. And also to generate a profit from proven paid traffic techniques.

Like any other business growth, Affiliate marketing is worthwhile when it is profitable enough to justify the time and effort invested. Opportunity costs are inherent in all human endeavors. It follows that you should consider whether your affiliate activities provide a greater return than partaking in an alternative activity. It’s all about making sure you’re maximizing the use of your limited resources.

In this review, we’ll take a quick look at the iAmAffiliate marketing forum to get you started. After that, we’ll go over a list of needs and considerations that will assist you in determining whether or not affiliate marketing is a good fit for you.

What is iAmAffiliate?


iAmAffiliate, founded by Attila Odri (usually known as iAmAttila), is where affiliate marketers can get together to share best practices and high-quality access materials to grow their businesses and followings online.

If you’re looking for high-quality affiliate marketing resources, go no further than iAmAffiliate.

This community covers every traffic source, from email campaigns to social media marketing.

iAmAffiliate, a great alternative to affLIFT, has representatives from some of the most popular traffic sources on hand to answer any queries you may have about traffic production. It’s safe to say that many of the people in this group are exactly the kind of traffic generators you want on your team.

What makes iAmAffiliate marketing worthwhile?

iAmAffiliate Case studies

So, what makes iAmAffiliate a good platform for studying affiliate marketing? What makes it an excellent platform?

Of course, some things sound too good to be true, but in this case, the benefits are the result of highly focused and clever marketing. Businesses can figure out what kind of people they want to reach and choose the best people to represent them. This is what IAmAffiliate marketing does.

There are a lot of successful affiliate marketers in forums who are willing to share their knowledge, strategies, case studies, guides, and suggestions on how they did it and how you may do the same. They frequently provide you with tactics, tricks, and guidance that will assist you in achieving your affiliate objectives.

iAmAffiliate Dashboard

The response to the threads is extremely good that one gets the answer within minutes after posting the question.

The advantages of the iAmAffiliate Marketing Forum

iAmAffiliate Benefits

Case studies with six and seven-figure

How to generate 7 figure income from affiliate marketing

Are you looking for a direct path to success that will get you there quickly? If you answered yes, then case studies from top affiliate marketers would be the most beneficial alternative for you because they will assist you greatly in becoming successful.

Learn from the best and how the most successful campaigns, which earned over a million dollars in pure profit, were created from the beginning to the end.

Campaigns that encourage people to follow along.

If you’re not sure if you’re doing something correctly or incorrectly, you can share your progress and seek feedback from the community to get better guidance on your next steps. Get someone to hold your hand as you begin your adventure, and learn from others as they go through theirs in real-time with you as well.

Step-by-step guides and tutorials

Everything about affiliate marketing may be learned through simple-to-follow affiliate marketing tutorials, covering everything from the fundamentals to the most sophisticated tactics available today.

A wide range of topics and categories related to affiliate marketing, ads management, tips, and tricks are available on this forum where you can simply choose your required area and ask the question.

affiliate marketing forums topics

iAmAffiliate Pricing and Specifications

iAmAffiliate Pricing

A minimal price of $49.95 per month is all that is required to join iAmAffiliate, compared to its competitors which charge far more.

They have three additional plans, such as annual access for individuals or companies for $495 and $995 respectively with additional two months of free access, which is a fantastic option to explore because they have a high-quality resource that will be well worth it. However, if you want to try it out, start with the basic plan that includes individual member access, and see if it meets your needs.

VISA/MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and other credit cards are accepted for membership purchases. iAmAffiliate has the advantage of allowing you to request a refund if you are unhappy with the material.

What Actual people have to Say about iAmAffiliate

iAmAffiliate Reviews from people

It brings together the world’s largest publishers, marketers, networks, and other industry players to share and learn. You may check it out for yourself.

The cost is negligible when compared to the value, and worldwide business relationships gained. If you haven’t experienced the forum yet, I highly recommend it trying it once!

Actual citizens, real-world results

iAmAffiliate Success stories

Inspiration can be gleaned from current case studies and performance plans from marketers who are willing to share their strategies and approaches.

Everyone is kept up to date on the most effective strategies and techniques available at any given time. This is accomplished through sponsored advertising campaigns on platforms like Google, Facebook, Taboola, Shopify, and other affiliate marketing platforms.

Through participation in the forum, you will be able to study and grasp the different techniques and methods involved in affiliate marketing, as taught by iAmAffiliate itself. A user may also submit issues and questions to a group of so many successful marketers who will respond to them.

iAmAffiliate brings together the knowledge and expertise of hundreds of real six and seven figure internet earners to create one resource. Every one of them is eager to share their thoughts and the tactics they used to earn money online.

One of the most valuable aspects of the iAmAffiliate forum is the many up-to-date tutorials offered. Afterward, there are step-by-step instructions as well as follow-along campaigns to consider. Thousands of useful instructional content pieces are currently available on the forum, which has over 100,000 members.

Do I endorse iAmAffiliate?

You might be wondering why I recommend the iAmAffiliate forum in the first instance.

I finished my faculty career in the information technology department, but I ended up in the marketing industry! So this is the area in which I wish to develop and increase my abilities.

This online forum turned out to be a great resource for me and surely for anyone interested in learning about online marketing and increasing their website’s traffic and sales. They provide a variety of handy tools to assist you in getting started with traffic creation in ways other than email campaigns.

This online community provides useful information for both beginners and specialists. Suppose you have any queries or worries about traffic generation. In that case, the forums can provide answers as well as assistance in learning new tactics and approaches that you can implement in your organization to guarantee good traffic generating the campaign.

iAmAffiliate can be a fantastic location to learn about affiliate marketing and the many ways of traffic creation for those of you who are just getting started in this sort of internet marketing. As your knowledge and expertise increase, you may decide whether to renew your membership and use many modern tools qualified to take your internet business to the next level.

Do you still have any doubts about choosing iAmAffiliate? Go check out iAmAffiliate reviews from other people who have already experienced this platform.

At Trendstorys.com, we aim to provide honest reviews to our users to help them choose the platform.

Any queries related to iAmAffiliate review or if you’re already experienced with this platform, give your review out of 5 stars or let me know in the comments.


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