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Haze smoke shop, a Canada-based online shop, sells smoking and vaping supplies of various designs and kinds. It was founded in 2014 to provide smokers with cutting-edge smoking accessories and supplies.

  • Products Quality
  • Worth for Money
  • Customer Support


  • Premium Quality Smoking and Vaping Supplies
  • Easy to Buy
  • Lowest Price in the market
  • Free Shipping
  • Advance Order Tracking
  • Good Customer Support


  •  Sometimes the customer support response is delayed.
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Are you tired of fraudulent smoke shops?

Want to get rid of using poor quality smoke supplies and poor customer service from smoke shops?

Want to get your hands on premium quality smoke and vape supplies?

If yes, then you have surely come to the right place because I will be introducing the best and most trustworthy online smoke shop that will make your shopping experience smooth.  

People always struggle with online smoke shops either because of the confusing product listing or complex website interface. Most smokers complain that the quality of the smoke supplies they bought online is rarely ever up-to-par, which is disappointing. They also have to pay far more for smoking products when they order them online which is why they prefer to shop from a store.

However, Haze Smoke Shop has totally changed the game. The premium quality products, return policies and great customer services of this shop set it apart from other Online Smoke shops. It aims to provide smoking accessories at an affordable price.

Read ahead to know more about this smoke shop.

Hazesmokeshop.ca Review

Haze Smoke Shop

Haze smoke shop, a Canada-based online shop, sells smoking and vaping supplies of various designs and kinds. It was founded in 2014 to provide smokers with cutting-edge smoking accessories and supplies. And, in fact, it has done a magnificent job of fulfilling its aim. This shop provides one of the best customer service and shopping experiences in both the USA & CANADA markets right now.

Plus it offers smoking and vaping accessories of an extensive range so you will be able to find everything you need in one online shop. Also, Haze Smoke Shop is proud to declare that it houses all the latest smoking products for buyers from vaporizers to E-CIGs to Tobacco. It updates its catalog every few days to add the newest products to the website.

Moreover, Haze Smoke Shop offers smoking products and parts at an attractively low price. It makes sure that the prices of the products are far less than its competitors. In addition, the interface of Haze Smoke Shop is user-friendly and very easy to navigate through.

Even the customer service offered by this shop is also remarkable and fast. The Haze Shop, indeed, provides nothing but the best shopping experience and service to its users.

Products offered by Haze Smoke Shop

Smoke Supplies in canada

This Haze Smoke Shop provides a wide range of vaping and smoking, some of which are as follows:


This shop sells vaporizers of various kinds and types. Buyers can browse the vaporizers based on price or type, depending upon what they are looking for. It is also possible to search for vaporizers of a specific brand.

Haze Smoke shop does business in Herbal, concentrates and portable vaporizers, etc of various big names in the market.

Vaporizers Parts

Sometimes a small part of the vaporizer breaks down and people simply buy that vaporizer part to replace the faulty part. That is why Haze Smoke Shop houses all the parts of a vaporizer. All the parts available in this shop are authentic and belong to well-known brands. Now you don’t have to buy low-grade vaporizer parts thanks to this shop.

E-CIGs and Pods

A variety of E-CIGS, Pods, and their parts are available on this Haze Smoke Shop to meet all preferences and lifestyles. You can choose to buy starter kits, portable devices or accessories, etc.

Freebase E-Juices

They sells the finest Freebase E-Juice for vaping lovers. You will find E-juices from popular brands and of course, the most liked flavors by the general public here.

Salt Nic E-Juices

Salt Nic E-Juices can also be bought from this shop. You can search for your preferred Salt Nic E-Juice through brand names or flavors.

And Much More:

As said earlier, Haze Smoke Shop is the ultimate one-stop-find-all place for smokers. Here you will find Cigars, Tobacco, rolling papers, blunts, and various other accessories. So head here and start shopping.

How can one Buy from Haze Smoke Shop?

Buying from Haze Smoke Shop is pretty easy. Head over to the official website of the Haze Smoke Shop. First, you need to create an account to start shopping. To do it, you need to click on the “Login/Register” button in the upper right corner of the website.

After clicking it, you will need to enter your first name, last name, email address, and password. You will click on “Register” after entering all the information. 

haze smoke shop login

Now you are ready to buy from this Haze Smoke Shop. Browse and select something you need. Then click on it and choose the “Add to Cart” option to add the product to your cart.

buy smoke supplies in canada

After adding the product to the cart, the website will show you your cart with two options “View Cart” and “Checkout”.

haze smoke shop cart

To check out you will need to enter the address and contact details as well as your credit card information. After you are done, just click on “Place Order” to complete the process.  

Haze Customer Support

It employs a team of professionals who are ready to answer any question related to sales. The buyers can contact them through email or call. The support professionals are known to respond as soon as possible. 

Advance Order Tracking

haze smoke shop order tracking

The buyers can track their orders and know exactly where their precious smoking supplies are. Just head here, enter your “Order ID” and “Billing Email” and then click “Track”. After this, you will be able to view the location of your order. 

Free Shipping

It provides free shopping on every order above $90 and it is not unusual for avid smokers to spend more than $90 a month on smoking supplies anyway so it is quite convenient. But if your order costs less than $90 then shipping will be calculated during the checkout process.

How is this Haze Smoke Shop different from others?

The Haze Smoke shop offers the lowest price possible for branded smoking supplies. It uses its influence and connection in the industry to make sure its buyers have access to the best quality products for the minimum price. This sets apart The Haze Smoke Shop from its competitors.

Furthermore, it provides advance order tracking and customer support that no other smoke shop in the industry can rival. In fact, most other smoke shops have no order tracking or customer support.

Haze Smoke Shop also offers an extensive range of high-quality smoking and vaping accessories so smokers can find everything they need in one place. All these features make The Haze Smoke Shop different and far better than all of its competitors. 


Some of my friends have shopped with the Haze Smoke Shop and they had nothing but good things to say about it. I personally think that the Haze Smoke Shop is like heaven for smokers; as you can find everything under one roof and that too at the lowest price on the market.

Plus the customer support, free shipping, and customer support also enhance the buyer experience. Give it a try and you’ll surely love the experience.

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Any queries related to Haze Smoke Shop or if you’re already experienced with this store, give your review out of 5 stars or let me know in the comments.


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