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Cointraffic Review: Why It is the Best Crypto Ad Network?

Leading Crypto and Bitcoin advertising network that drives highly targeted Cryptocurrency traffic.

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Cointraffic Review
  • Anti-Fraud System
  • High Commission Rates
  • Best Support Centre


Cointraffic is counted in one of the best crypto ad networks that pay its publishers in Bitcoins and is a complete monetization solution for both Publishers and as well as Advertisers worldwide.

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  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Supports Multiple Ad Formats
  • Performance Monitoring System
  • High-Quality Traffic
  • Personal Managers
  • Self Service
  • Timely Payments


  • Delayed support sometimes due to a large number of requests.
  • No referral system is available.

So, you are probably looking out for Cointraffic Review? Right?

Of course, It’s in nature that whenever someone tries to join any network, he/she check for its reviews first to make sure either it is legit or scam.

Therefore, in this article, we have come up with a detailed review of Cointraffic justifying why it the Best Crypto & Bitcoin Advertising Network amongst other Cryptocurrency Advertising networks.

What is Cointraffic?

Cointraffic Review

Cointraffic, a leading Crypto & Bitcoin ad network founded by Sergei Verbitski in the year 2013. It is one of the popular Crypto Ad Network based in Tallinn, Estonia. For the last few years, Bitcoin became much popular and was at its peak. Hence, several ad network platforms started supporting payment methods through Crypto and so as is one of them.

It is counted in one of the very few ad networks that pay its publishers in Bitcoins and is a complete monetization solution for both Publishers and as well as Advertisers worldwide. Cointraffic is the rapidly growing Crypto Ad Network having 400+ publishers and 1000+ advertisers that trust this amazing network. The revenue models Cointraffic is based upon are Pop Ads and CPM (Cost Per Mile) usually known as Cost Per Thousand Impressions.

Now you know what is Cointraffic, so let’s jump into the complete Cointraffic Review.

Why choosing worth it?

Yes, choosing Cointraffic is absolutely worth it!

But why? No doubt it’s a legit question of why choosing Cointraffic amongst other Crypto Ad Networks. Well, as you’ve already familiar now that how much Cointraffic has acquired popularity and has secured a great reputation worldwide because of the quality that it provides its publishers and advertisers. Its experience in the Cryptocurrency industry has impacted several advertising campaigns and improved the quality to a great extent.

Cointraffic offers multiple ad formats that are responsive to both mobile and desktops. These ad formats include In-page banners, Slide banners, Background ads, Pop-under ads, Header banner ads, Sticky banner ads, and native ads, etc. So, it’s the best opportunity to monetize your website using these different ad formats to maximize your revenue being a publisher.

It is a Leading Bitcoin Advertising Network that offers tons of premium features to its users to help them generate streams of income.

The following are the set of numerous features that Cointraffic provides to its publishers and advertisers. Features

Apart from other Crypto ad networks, Cointraffic rewards its publishers and advertisers with some unique and premium benefits that others lack in delivering.

Some of the highly known features are listed below:

  • Anti-fraud System enabled
  • Performance Reporting System
  • Multiple Ad formats available
  • High Commission rates
  • Minimum payouts of €25
  • Timely Payments
  • 24/7 support
  • And many more.

Cointraffic for Advertisers

Cointraffic for advertisers

Want to promote your business? Not finding some worthy site where you invest your precious money?

If yes, then Cointraffic would be the perfect choice for you to advertise your business. Cointraffic is the best bitcoin advertising network having thousands of advertisers using this platform for promoting their business.

Simply, you need to start up creating a campaign for your business and delivering ads to the targeted audience for maximum engagement and conversions. The more are the conversions, the more it means you’ll earn money.

Creating a campaign isn’t a big deal as it just needs three simple and easy steps. First, you need to start with the Cointraffic self-service tool to choose the ad formats you want. Secondly, fill out some necessary details for launching the campaign, and lastly, topping up the budget. Once the campaign is created, Cointraffic will look over the campaign you have created and will approve it in a short time which is another great feature of Cointraffic.

Let’s discuss some more advantages of Cointraffic being an advertiser.

Benefits for Advertisers

The following are some of the benefits Cointraffic provides to its advertisers.

  • Targeted and Quality traffic for higher conversions.
  • Multiple Ad Formats.
  • Quick Launching of Campaigns.
  • High CTR (Click Through Rates).
  • Performance Reporting System.
  • Self-service tool for creating campaigns.
  • Personal managers and assistances.
  • Timely Payments with various payment methods available.
  • 24/7 Live Support.

Cointraffic for Publishers

Cointraffic for publishers

Being a publisher, if you have been looking out for ways to earn money from your website, then Cointraffic will be the best choice you’ll ever make as it is famous for the best Crypto and Bitcoin Advertising Network that has the complete solution to both of its publishers and advertisers.

Using, you can generate streams of revenue by monetizing your website with highly targeted Crypto ads. You can use different ad formats on your websites such as banner ads and pop-under ads. Once you’ve set up everything, you’ll likely notice a great impact on your earnings using Cointraffic. Being a publisher, there are several ways to earn even more from the website such as using Link shorteners, affiliate marketing, and advertisements, etc.

But getting approval on Cointraffic isn’t that simple as they’ll reject the sites that are not related to Cryptocurrency and has low-quality content. So, before applying for this network, make sure you follow all the rules and regulations of this ad network.

Let’s discuss some benefits for Cointraffic publishers.

Benefits for Publishers

The following are some of the noticeable benefits Cointraffic provides to its publishers.

  • It accepts traffic all over the world.
  • High conversion rates so as high commissions.
  • Revenue models are based on CPM, Pop-under ads.
  • Multiple Ad Formats that are super easy to set up.
  • Best Ad Placements using AI to maximize revenue.
  • Fast Payment Processing System
  • Minimum thresholds
  • Multiple Payment methods for withdrawing such as Bank transfer, Bitcoin wallet, etc.
  • 24/7 live support.

Cointraffic Ad formats ad formats

Cointraffic provides several ad formats to its publishers and advertisers. These ad formats include In-page banners, Slide banners, Background ads, Pop-under ads, Header banner ads, Sticky banner ads, and native ads, etc.

Let’s discuss each of them in a little detail.

  1. In-page banners

In-page banners are proven to be the best way to engage the audience and have a higher rate of conversions. Cointraffic offers In-page banners ads that are highly responsive and had a great brand awareness makes them a great choice for marketers.

In-page banners comes up in several different sizes such as 300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 970×250, 468×60 and 300×600.

  1. Pop-under ads

Pop-under ads are always best in driving user attention. These ads pop up a window automatically behind the content of the user’s active window that contains a landing page and takes up the full screen. The target link will be opened in a new browser tab. They work on all popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

  1. Premium header

Cointraffic offers a header banner ad that sticks to the top of the page providing high visibility to the users for higher conversions. These ads stretch to the entire width of the user screen to provide the best user experience. The general size of the premium header is 1440×90.

  1. Sticky banner

Sticky Banner is just like the premium header. The only difference is that it sticks to the bottom of the page whenever a user scrolls through it. These ads can be sometimes annoying but they result in a great conversion.

  1. Slide banner

Slide banners are those ads that stick to the sidebar of the page usually at the corner of the screen. They instantly interact with the user by scrolling up or down. The size of the slide banner ad is 150×150.

  1. Background banner

Another great ad type Cointraffic provides is Background banner that is placed all over the background of the page. It is the best way of gaining a visitor’s attention.

  1. Native ads

Native Ads can always be the perfect choice for publishers and as well as advertisers to display as they match the look and feel of the website. It automatically senses the environment and gets placed according to it. Apart from other ads, the graph of native ads is significantly high. Native ads can be used for geo and device targeting which means that you can target the audience related to the Crypto market.

Cointraffic Press Release Distribution

Press Release

If you’re looking to get exposure by publishing your content on high-quality crypto websites, then Cointraffic has got you covered as they offer you to publish your content across the leading crypto and bitcoin websites.

Cointraffic offers you to share your press release story on up to 150 crypto-related sites and so as another stunning feature of this crypto ad network.

Launching a press release is extremely easy as you only need to create a PR campaign by specifying some budget according to your needs. With some tweaks, you’ll be able to get a list of Crypto-related websites by using the smart PR constructor tool that Cointraffic offers. Everything is in your control as you’ll choose the publishers where you want to publish your content. If one doesn’t meet your requirements, you can easily replace it with some other. At the end, when everything is set up and the list is confirmed, Cointraffic will distribute your PR across these websites.

What if you don’t have the content?

Well, again you don’t have to worry as offers writing services along with the PR distribution. They have professional copywriters that will write content for you and will prepare the first draft copy within 1 business day. You’ll be asked to check the draft copy and if everything sounds good to you, the team will confirm it from you and will publish it across the crypto-related websites that you’ve chosen earlier.

Requirements to join Cointraffic for publishers

To maintain the best quality and make their services reputable, Cointraffic has the following requirements that every publisher must need to fulfill before applying to this ad network.

  • Low-Quality websites will be rejected so it’s better to have unique and high-quality content.
  • The website must be relevant to the cryptocurrency market.
  • The website must have a maximum unique visitor of up to 5000 per month.
  • Free domain names such as .tk, .ml, etc. aren’t allowed so make sure that you have paid domain such as .com, .net, .org, etc.
  • Websites made on free platforms such as Tumblr or Blogspot aren’t accepted.
  • The unique design of websites will be preferred.
  • You’ll be rejected if your website has been found indulged in spamming activities.
  • The website shouldn’t contain any inappropriate or hate-mongering content such as racial, political, ethnic, religious, gender-based, and pornographic content, etc. Payment Details

Cointraffic provides various payment methods to deposit or withdraw money. The payment details of Cointraffic are listed below:

  • Cointraffic pays its publishers depending upon the quality and traffic of the website.
  • The Payments are made thrice a week. For example, Mon, Wed, and Fri.
  • The Minimum withdrawal fee is €25 (for BTC Wallet) and €300 (for Bank Transfer) for publishers. While, the minimum deposit fee for an advertiser is €20 (for one banner campaign), €500 (for marketing budget), and €1500 (for press release distribution campaign).
  • Supported payment methods are BTC, ETH & Bank Transfers.

Do I Recommend Cointraffic Ad Network?

Cointraffic is the best crypto ad network that has been growing rapidly and had earned a quite good reputation in the cryptocurrency market because of the quality it delivers to its publishers and as well as advertisers.

So, if you’ve been searching for the best leading crypto ad network, then I’ll definitely recommend you to go for Cointraffic as it is the leading bitcoin advertising network. If you’re still having a problem in the decision making, you can check other Cointraffic Reviews of what other people are saying about it.

So what are you waiting for? Go and start your journey with Cointraffic without wasting any time.

At, we aim to provide honest reviews to our users to help them choose the right ad network.

Any queries related to the Cointraffic review or if you’re already experienced with this network, let me know your thoughts about this network.

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