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Circleboom is a web application for managing social media accounts that excel at managing Twitter accounts.

  • User Interface
  • Worth for Money
  • 24/7 Live Support


  • Affordably priced
  • Deletes tweets in bulk
  • Easy to use through simple steps
  • Offers affiliate program with high rewards
  • Multiple search tools and user analytics are available
  • for Twitter accounts
  • The free version is available
  • Find Influencers in Minutes
  • Powerful Analytics Dashboard


  • USD is the currency used for all prices.
  • The free version is quite limited yet beneficial.
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For Twitter tools, the last few years have been challenging.

Several tools have been shut down practically overnight as Twitter gets stricter with the capabilities these tools are allowed to use. Manageflitter, Crowdfire, Statusbrew. They are all shells of what they once were.

Indeed, it appeared as though Twitter was planning to remove follow and unfollow tools permanently. We have applied strict limits to even tools that survived spamming in an effort to combat it.

Today, there is still one of these tools called Circleboom. Having migrated from a previous tool that rendered practically useless (Manageflitter), I’ve been using it for a couple of months now.

What Is Circleboom?


Circleboom is a web application for managing social media accounts that excel at managing Twitter accounts. In December 2017, this company was created and developed in the US. Circleboom has been helping users improve their social media accounts since 2008 and has added some useful tools like follow tools, unfollow tools, RSS feed modules, scheduled posts, and complete analytics.

However, Circleboom is the best solution available on the market when it comes to deleting all Tweets and retweets. It comes with easily affordable prices and also has a limited-tier version that is free.

You can use Circleboom to improve your Twitter profile by managing it efficiently.

Regardless of whether you are a business person or a private individual, Circleboom is an excellent tool. Like no other marketing tool, it will make you more successful on Twitter. 

Circlebooms Features

Twitter management tool Circleboom lets you analyze your profile and track your tweets. It includes lots of great features that make it one of the most effective Twitter monitoring tools. 

Circleboom’s following features are among the most demanded features of the software, especially since previous tools were not capable of this functionality.

Remove Your Tweets:

Using Circleboom, you can find and delete your specific tweets and replies. As a whole or individually, they can be deleted. In Circleboom, you can delete up to 3,200 tweets from your recent history, including retweets and replies. Twitter has a limitation like this.

Schedule Tweets:

Circularboom allows you to schedule tweets that you can distribute at your convenience to all your followers. In addition to media and GIFs, you can also add them to tweets.

Whenever you want, you can edit or delete your scheduled tweets with Circleboom.

Remove your Twitter History Archive:

Circleboom enables you to upload your tweet archive, filter your tweets, and delete your Twitter history. Getting your Twitter archive is as simple as requesting it from Twitter. Upload it to Circleboom when it is ready. As soon as it is uploaded, they will automatically delete it, but you can also select to filter them first.

Unlike your likes:

The free-text search option on Circleboom allows them to filter out the most recent 3200 likes you have made. Using the bulk, unlike option, you can either select individual Twitter likes and unlike them individually or choose to unlike Twitter likes all at once.

The ability to control my tweets:

In addition, Circleboom empowers you to control all of your Twitter activities, including tweets, retweets, and likes.

Retweets can be deleted

 If you choose to use Circleboom’s unfollow tool, you can completely remove all of your retweets. You can permanently delete all 3200 retweets you have posted in the most recent three days

I’m Not Following Back

It’s very simple. Displays a list of people who are following you, but you aren’t following back.

Generally speaking, I am a fan of following back people – both as a retention measure, and as a tool for engagement/relationship building, so it’s nice that Circleboom has this capability.

Discover your followers

You can display the followers of another account. Find people following similar people to you to follow. This is a feature that most users will use when following or unfollowing.

Find Friends

A list of all the other accounts that are being followed by another account will appear.

Search using hashtags/keywords

This feature allows you to find users who have tweeted about a particular topic using hashtags or keywords.

Smart Search

The search engine allows you to find keywords in people’s bios and tweets. Additionally, you can filter results based on followers, following, and tweets to find only those with a specific number of followers. Additionally, you can filter by joining date, location, and language.


This section consists of a list of these people you don’t want to follow. You can also delete the people from this list.

Circleboom Tools

There are three types of Circleboom tools.

  1. Twitter tool
  2. Publish tool
  3. Circleboom Unfollow Tools

Twitter tool

Following are the Twitter tools Circleboom offers to its users:

  • Get Your Follower Insights – You can find Spammers, Fakes, Inactives, and Overactive using this tool
  • Twitter User Analytics – You will be able to see detailed analytics about your followers, friends, and tweets.
  • Twitter Search Tool – You can find your target audience by using Smart Search, Live Keywords, and Hashtag Search.
  • Delete All Tweets – It shouldn’t be difficult to remove all of your Tweets! You can delete any (or all) of your Tweets and replies with a few clicks.

Publish tools

Following are the publish tools Circleboom offers to its users:

  • Schedule tweets – You can schedule tweets with photos and videos on Twitter to reach your followers at the right time.
  • Schedule Facebook posts – You can schedule posts on Facebook using Circleboom Publish. Beyond scheduling Facebook posts, Circleboom social media management tool enables you to schedule Facebook page posts and Facebook group posts so you can reach your audience at the right time!
  • Schedule LinkedIn posts – You can also schedule LinkedIn posts with Circleboom Publish’s Linkedin post scheduler! Your LinkedIn company page can be scheduled in advance to reach your audience right when they’re looking for it!
  • Schedule LinkedIn posts – You can also schedule LinkedIn posts with Circleboom Publish’s Linkedin post scheduler! The Circleboom social media scheduler allows you to schedule posts on LinkedIn company pages so that your audience is reached at a time that’s convenient for them!
  • Schedule Instagram posts – Instagram posts can be scheduled using Circleboom Publish’s post scheduler. You will be able to plan your Instagram posts through Circleboom Publish so your followers will see them at the exact time you prefer!
  • Schedule Google My Business posts – With Circleboom Publish’s Google My Business post scheduler, you can schedule posts for your GMB account as well! Plan Google My Business posts so they reach their target on time.
  • Post RSS Feeds to Social Media – Keep your audience up to date by auto-posting articles, photos, and videos from your favorite RSS feeds! Boost your website’s traffic by posting RSS feeds on all your social media channels!
  • Twitter Video & Gif Downloader – You can download any Twitter video or GIF file from publicly accessible tweets
  • Facebook Video Downloader – Video files can be downloaded from any Facebook post that is publicly available
  • Instagram Video & Gif Downloader – Videos, IGTV, and reels on publicly accessible Instagram posts can be downloaded
  • TikTok Video Downloader – You can download any TikTok video file from a TikTok post that is publicly available.

Circleboom Unfollow Tools

Circleboom’s unfollow tools are equally useful if you’re not using follow/unfollow to grow your Twitter presence. Let’s examine each of them in more detail.

  • Not Following Back – It simply identifies and unfollows people who are not following you back. Using Circleboom, it’s also possible to filter out people that you’ve just followed — giving them time to follow you back as well as avoiding offending Twitter.
  • Fake / Spam – Circleboom identifies accounts that are fake and unfollow them. Additionally, there are several false positives here.
  • Non-English Accounts – Unfollow anyone who doesn’t speak English. I find this tool to be glitchy. In looking at their profiles in more detail, it appeared there are plenty of people who speak English. This is not a tool I would recommend.
  • Inactives – The feature is excellent. Unfollow people who haven’t tweeted in X number of days. If you reach your follow limit, this is great for removing friends who aren’t on Twitter anymore. You might be unfollowed shortly after unfollowing some of these accounts, however. It’s possible that these accounts are using their own unfollow software.
  • Eggheads – Find people without an image on their profile and unfollow them.
  • Too Actives – You can identify and unfollow people that tweet more than 20 times daily. You can use it to clean up your feed. To maximize followers, however, it may be better to let your main feed become chaotic and use Twitter lists to organize.
  • My Followers – shows you the list of up to 2000 people that you are following.
  • White List – This is the list of people you don’t want to unfollow in the future.

Is Circleboom right for you? Here are some reasons why you should use it.

Listed below are a few logical reasons you should use Circleboom’s Twitter unfollow tool.

  • Followers who don’t follow you back on Twitter can be unfollowed.
  • In order to determine when the right time is to send out tweets.
  • To unfollow tweeters that do not use English as their language in their tweets.
  • Unfollow spam tweeters who blast spam tweets on Twitter.
  • Unfollowing people who do not provide any value via Twitter.
  • To search for a relevant hashtag and live keyword.

What is Best About Circleboom

Circleboom has many significant qualities that make it known as one of the most trustworthy and user-friendly Twitter managing tools. Following are some of the main qualities that Circleboom possesses/


The main consideration we have when choosing a service is its affordability. Circleboom provides affordable plans that are within reach of almost everyone. Through their affiliate program, you can also earn some good money.

Easy Usage

With Circleboom, you are guaranteed a useful tool that can be integrated at any time. It allows you to delete tweets by following some quick and simple steps. A few clicks of the mouse are all it takes to delete multiple tweets.


Social media users, especially, seem to be most concerned about their security these days. Circleboom understands this, and it makes all possible efforts to ensure your satisfaction and safety.

Information provided by users is only used voluntarily, and the information is protected from third parties. You can easily remove your information from their system if you do not want your info used for newsletters, etc.

24/7 Live Support

The company provides complete customer support and takes it seriously. If you have any difficulties or questions, you can contact them at any time. Their response time is usually quick, and they resolve the issue quickly.

Circleboom ‘Smart Tweets’

Circleboom provides the ‘Smart Tweets’ toolkit for a collection of tools aimed at helping users post tweets. They contain an RSS publisher and a tweet scheduler.

Using the RSS publisher, you can share posts from websites you trust with your own comments prior to or after an article’s name and link. To make it clear that you shared it with the person you’re tagging them in the tweet might be useful.

This can also be used to automatically share your own blog posts.

Using the Twitter scheduler, you can write your tweet ahead of time and have it automatically posted at a certain time. Videos and photos can also be uploaded. There is no problem with either feature.

Circleboom Pricing

Circleboom Pricing

Circleboom is basically free for everyone. However, it does offers three plans which are as follows:

  • Pro
  • Premium
  • Business

The Pro account costs around $7.99/MO, only if you’re preferring to purchase a yearly subscription. However, if you want to pay on a monthly basis, then it would cost you around $9.99/MO.

The discount offered here makes me hesitate to pay for a whole year’s worth in advance, but this deal sounds pretty good. Choosing the annual option may be a worthwhile investment if Circleboom is something you will use long-term.

Circleboom Affiliate Program

Circleboom Affiliate Program

By using the referral system offered by the site, you can make a lot of money. Getting a tracking link is as simple as joining the affiliate program. Your income from referred customers is reduced by 30% for the first year after they subscribe through your link.

Within 60 days, you will be eligible for payouts. Additionally, the number of customers you can send is unlimited, so you can earn for as long as you want.

Is Circleboom worth recommending?

Circleboom is a great tool for managing your Twitter account and deleting tweets if you want a fully featured solution. We have attempted to explain all the necessary information about Circleboom and its work in this article. I hope it is helpful for you! We highly recommend this tool as It is definitely worth trying.

If you just want to use the unfollow and management tools, Circleboom is probably the best value tool on the market. A great deal of functionality is provided at a very low price. There is no way to go wrong with this price.

What you want from a Twitter tool ultimately depends on what you are looking for. What Circleboom does, it does well.

If you have any doubts about choosing Circleboom, go check out its reviews from other people who are already experienced with it.

At, we aim to provide honest reviews to help you choose the right product.


Ayesha is a freelance tech writer who has a specialty for absorbing a lot of data and explaining it clearly.


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