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Anstrex Review: Is It the Best Spy Tool for Marketers?

Best competitive intelligence for online marketers of all kinds

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Anstrex Review
  • Spying Feature
  • Premium Tools
  • 25% recurring affiliate commission


Anstrex, an online spy tool for marketers founded in 2016, that does an in-depth insight into your competitor’s marketing strategies. With Anstrex, you can easily spy over secrets of your competitors.

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  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Accurate data
  • Best tool for all Marketers
  • 25% recurring affiliate commission
  • Easy Integration with multiple platforms
  • 24/7 support center


  • Free trial isn’t available. However, you can apply for refund within two days if not satisfied
  • Few Payment methods are available

Not have a perfect strategy to manage your marketing campaigns?

Curious about your competitors of what tactics they are using for their ad campaigns?

Want to spy on your competitor’s advertising campaigns to know your mistakes?

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place as today we’re going to do Anstrex review which is the most suitable platform for people who want to spy on their competitor’s online advertising campaigns.

So, if you’re looking for some tools to analyze your competitors, then Anstrex will be the best choice you’ll ever make.

Let’s dive into a detailed Anstrex review.

What is Anstrex?


Anstrex, an online spy tool for marketers founded by Hiren Shah in 2016, that does an in-depth insight into your competitor’s marketing strategies. The word “Anstrex” is made from the three words – Analyze, Strategize, and Execute – which means you can easily spy over your competitors, discover what strategies they are using, and applying them for your business.

It is a great platform for brand advertisers, drop shippers, content creators, affiliates, performance marketers, ad networks, and bloggers to spy on their competitor’s online advertising campaigns. Apart from being a spy tool, Anstrex is mainly focused on push advertising, dropshipping, and native advertising. With over 10M+ ads served by 27 ad networks in native advertising and 3M+ ads served by 38 ad networks in push advertising, Anstrex proves it to be the best ever platform having impressive statistics.

Following is the short overview of the Anstrex Review that you might need to know.

Anstrex Details

  • Company Name: Anstrex
  • Founder & CEO: Hiren Shah
  • Founded In: 2016
  • Payment Methods: VISA/MasterCard, PayPal, etc.
  • Affiliate Program: 25% recurring lifetime commission.
  • Minimum Affiliate Payout: $100
  • Support Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

Why choosing Anstrex worth it?

Now, the very first question that might be coming in your mind is that what makes Anstrex stand out from others? Why choosing this platform is the best choice you’ll ever make?

Well, as we have already discussed above its stunning stats in all of its products, it is quite obvious that it’s the best platform that has been growing day by day because of its amazing results.

The reason why it stands out from others is that it is packed with amazing features that others lack in delivering in one package. It is the only platform that offers all features in one monthly subscription. However, other platforms usually offer different monthly subscriptions for different features. So, it is yet another reason to choose Anstrex over others.

It’s not over yet, to make money on Anstrex, it has a great affiliate program offering 50% commission for new signup for the first month and 25% recurring lifetime commission which is a great thing to consider.

Lastly, its spy tool is just as amazing as it looks like, which helps marketers of all kinds to expose the marketing secrets and tactics of world-class advertisers.

Anstrex Features

Apart from other platforms, Anstrex has quite unique features for there users. Some of the highly known features are as follows:

  1. Best Platform for Marketers

Anstrex for marketers

Marketers of all kinds can use this amazing platform to spy on their competitors as Anstrex is known as one of the best spying tools to discover the secrets of the competitors. So, if you have been struggling in running your business or if your business isn’t running as per your expectations, you don’t need to worry as with Anstrex, you can easily spy over your competitors and know what techniques they are using and implement them on your business.

  1. Unique & Premium Tools

Anstrex tools

Anstrex is a platform that differs from many other platforms such as Adbeat, Adplexity, and PX, etc. when it comes to features. It offers many supreme tools that others lack in providing such as for push and native advertising, data from 92+ countries are available to target. They have 27+ native and 38+ push ad networks. Moreover, many small tools like advanced search & filtering, landing page ripper, multiple boolean operators, full-sized screenshot capture of landing pages belonging to each ad, competitor alerts, CPC bids on push campaigns are packed in just one monthly subscription having the best support center to fulfill your queries. Each product has its best possible tools required by marketers of all kinds.

  1. Easy Integration with Multiple Platforms

Integration with multiple platforms

Whatever platform you’re using like Shopify, Woo Commerce, AliExpress, Aws, and Digital ocean, etc., you don’t need to worry about anything as Anstrex easily integrates with these platforms to improve your productivity. With their plugins and Chrome extensions, you can easily manage everything through Anstrex.

  1. Knowledgebase and Video Tutorials

Anstrex tutorials

Of course, everyone isn’t that smart enough to pick things quickly. That’s why Anstrex has another great feature of providing tutorials for users who don’t know how to use it properly. Moreover, a knowledge base having many questions with their answers are present to solve your queries.

Anstrex Products

Anstrex Products

Anstrex provides 3 extremely helpful products to their users such as Native spy tool, Push spy tool, and drop shipping tool. These tools are best for people who want to build winning push/native advertising campaigns by spying on the competitors.

The two of its products, Anstrex Native & Anstrex Push, are the paid ones having tons of features packed in a monthly subscription. However, they have set its dropshipping product to free while its in beta version.

Using its dropshipping product, you can find the hottest selling dropship products and manage your store from one single platform (Anstrex).

Anstrex Affiliate Program

Anstrex Affiliate program

Unlike other platforms that offer a one-time commission whenever users signup on their platform, Anstrex is again a winner as it offers 20% lifetime recurring commissions to help you earn money from the platform itself. Moreover, they offer a 50% commission for a new sign up for the first month which is quite impressive and the reason why it’s growing day by day.

You get paid on the NET-20 basis for what you have earned using its affiliate program. The customized landing page and promotional material are available for top affiliates. Moreover, a 365-day cookie is enabled for maximum profit.

So, if you have planning to join Anstrex, you must join their affiliate program too. There are several other recurring affiliate programs that you might need to know.

Anstrex Payment Details

To make a payment on Anstrex when purchasing any product, you need to have a Debit/Credit Card such as Visa/MasterCard. If you don’t have one, you can still go with the PayPal account.

To get a payout from Anstrex that you’ve earned with your affiliate commissions, you must have at least $100 in your account to get paid.

Do I Recommend Anstrex?

In light of all my experiences and the first impressions on this platform, my answer will absolutely be YES!

As you’ve already seen its quite impressive stats and features that have made Anstrex everyone’s favorite tool for spying over their competitors. Because if you know the game of your competitor, you can easily use those tactics on your business campaigns and can get awesome results. I’ll definitely recommend Anstrex to everyone especially the marketers of all kinds who wants to know what secrets their competitors are using.

So, if you’ve been looking for the best platform for spying over your competitors, then Anstrex will be the best ever choice you’ll make as it has been functioning since 2016.

Do you still have any doubts about choosing Anstrex? Go check out Anstrex review from other people who have already experienced this platform.

At, we aim to provide honest reviews to our users to help them choose the platform.

Any queries related to Anstrex review or if you’re already experienced with this network, give your review out of 5 stars or let me know in comments.

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