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7 Ways to Use VPN in University

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You have probably heard about the standard benefits of clearvpn but did you know that university students stand to gain even more from VPN services? In truth, a good VPN service unlocked far more than just a few streaming sites for students.

If you are a university student, then a VPN service from Clear VPN can keep you safe, broaden your research, help you learn, and even help you get cheaper flights home.

  1. Broaden Your Research

Each country has its own version of events and its own pages full of information. You no longer have to worry about translations because these days Google will ask you if you want them to translate the pages for you.

It is not just political or subversive things that are different in different countries. It is not just each country’s version of historic or modern events. Simple and smaller things are different in different countries. For example, in this country, you may have a hard time researching information about the Egyptian Swift Pigeon. Yet, in other countries, there may be pages and pages of content about the pigeon. You cannot find it on your computer and with your connection because it is from a different country and in a different language, but when you use VPN services and search those countries, you gain instant access to their wealth of knowledge.

  1. Use Various Wi-Fi Hotspots

The weird thing about Wi-Fi hotspots is that they are often hijacked by other people, and yet on university grounds, it is often students who hijack them. The irony is that the students are taught in university how to hack and hijack, and then that is exactly what they do to the university system. So, unless you want your selfie nudes being posted around the campus, you need to access university Wi-Fi with VPN services.

  1. Get Cheaper Flights Home

You have probably already read several online articles about how airline and travel pricing is location-specific. Booking from one location is often cheaper than booking from another. You can still exploit this with the use of VPN services.

  1. Use Torrents To Send Large Files

There is so much said about torrenting being bad, and yet it is currently the most legitimately used sharing system on the planet. Students often have to work on massive files, especially in game design, engineering, physics, animation, and programming. Without torrent sharing, people would have to rely on Cloud upload times, which are very slow compared to peer-to-peer sharing. VPN services allow you to share very easily and far more quickly than with your standard internet services.

  1. Do a Little Online Gaming

All unlimited internet services have a fair use policy. This states that if you are using the internet too much, to the point where the internet service provider thinks you are using it too much, then they have the ability to restrict your service. They are allowed to slow down your internet speeds for as long as they like to make up for your overuse of the internet. Online gaming is very internet heavy and often leads to internet restrictions unless you use VPN services. They cannot tell how much internet you are using if you use VPN services.

  1. Watch Streaming Services From Other Countries

Your version of things like HBO, Netflix, and YouTube are different from other peoples in other countries. Here are just a few examples of the services you can watch.

  • HBO
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Sky
  • BBC
  • Hulu

You can use VPN services to see streaming content from other countries. It is especially useful if you are learning a language, and you want to watch shows in another country that were actually made in another country.

  1. Hide Your Online Activity

If you have been in university a while, you have probably noticed that you have to research a few topics that, “On the surface” may make you appear to be a cybercriminal or somebody with very dark and/or dangerous interests.

This article is not silly enough to mention the subjects by name, but there are several areas of research where organizations like the NSA and MI6 may become interested in you. In some cases, it is easier to simply view certain websites and ask certain questions with VPN services turned on. The last thing you want is to suddenly start receiving delays in your email services because the people in black suits are reading them first.

Did you know that you can be banned from your email provider for the “Content” of your emails? Even if you are joking, they have the right to ban you, and it is right there in their terms and conditions. They state they are allowed to monitor your email content and ban you if your emails seem terroristic in nature. This was actually highlighted in a bit from the Axis of Evil comedy tour, in which one of the members had his email account closed because of a joke he wrote in his email to a friend. Hiding your online activity is not a bad idea, even if it is just to help avoid misunderstandings about your intentions and/or your research.

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