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10 Ways to Perfect the Art of SMS Marketing

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In today’s era of smartphones and quick communication, just about everyone sends texts to their friends and family on a daily basis. It’s a quick, simple way to communicate what you need to without expending too much energy.

Everything you love about texting, your customers love, too. That’s why SMS marketing has become such an effective tool for today’s companies to use.

If you’re interested in perfecting your SMS marketing strategy for your company, take a look at these different ways to use this tool as effectively as possible.

Top 10 Efficient Ways to Master the Art of SMS Marketing

Following are some of the ways that you must need to know for doing SMS marketing.

  1. Provide Order Updates

When your customers are waiting on a package from you, they are going to spend some time thinking about when it will arrive and checking their order status. You can make this easier for them by allowing them to sign up for order update via SMS.

This will allow you to message them whenever their order is completed and when it’s on its way.

  1. Promote Special Sales

Having a special sale or promotion being offered for your products or on your website? Send your valued customers a text letting them know what sort of specials you have going on so that they can check out some sweet deals on your site.

  1. Host Contests or Sweepstakes

For your customers who have a bit of a competitive streak, send out SMS messages announcing any contests or sweepstakes they could participate in.

This encourages engagement on their part, which is always a good marketing strategy.

  1. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Do you want to know what you could be doing better? Why not ask your customers themselves?

Inviting your customers to take a quick survey after they completed a purchase or checked out your site is an easy way to see what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Create a Team

If you want to optimize the effectiveness of your SMS marketing, you want to form a team dedicated to creating content for your SMS ad campaign. That way you won’t have to worry about keeping up with remembering to send those messages and they can focus all of their energy on crafting the perfect content.

  1. Time Messages Correctly

The thing about SMS marketing is that it’s all in the timing.

How would you feel if you got a marketing promotion from a company at 3 AM? Probably a little bit annoyed and uncomfortable.

That’s why it’s so important to pick the right time of the day to send your SMS messages. Mid to late afternoons on weekdays are the optimal time to send out your messages without creeping your customers out or waking them up.

  1. Encourage Interaction

When you send out messages, try to include specific action items that require a response. This can be done by adding sentences like “reply YES for more info.”

It may seem simple, but the more your customers interact with your brand, the better.

  1. Keep It Short and Clear

Don’t send your customer’s novels to their inbox. All of your SMS communications should be short and sweet, leaving them with a clear and concise message.

  1. Be Familiar

Texting indicates a certain level of familiarity, which is one of the things that makes it so effective in marketing.

Make sure your messages sound casual, familiar, and personal. Almost as if they’re reading a text from an old friend.

  1. Provide All of the Details

The last thing you want is for your customers to be left confused by a half-message. While keeping your SMS short, include all of the information they need to know upfront.

SMS Marketing is Super Effective

If done correctly, SMS marketing can be the most effective marketing strategy that your business can use.

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